The founding members of “The Snap House are a creative team” all brought together from different walks of life through the same passion of taking photos! The Snap House is a photo studio designed as an event space where guests of all ages can come together to create expressive self portraits.

Although Florida natives, our team has been fortunate enough to travel all across the world as well as residing in a few different countries throughout the years where we have taken small pieces along those journeys and brought them back home to right here in The Snap House! Situated in 12 separate frames are styled “scenes” taking each portrait sitter on a unique tour. We specialize in various settings that include a whimsical and modern experience, but also fosters a culture of inclusivity and social awareness.

Just bring your camera or cell phone and let your creativity begin! If you’re ready to take it a step further, choose one of our professional photographers and photo packages to help create high-quality finished stills and videos for socials, prints, or portfolio work. Whether your style is everyday casual or haute couture, The Snap House will deliver your desired scenes and range of emotions that will have everyone asking you where you took your photo!

So what are you waiting for? Get to snapping!

Our Mission

Our mission for The Snap House is to deliver a safe, family friendly, and fun-filled event space where guests of all ages can come together to express their individuality and authenticity through self love in the power of photography and create expressive self-­portraits that will last a lifetime!

The Snap House transcends all socio-economic boundaries, delivering moments in time palettes that offer photogs of all skill levels in a controlled setting to create and engage in a fun environment that fosters creativity and individuality. Whether your style is everyday casual or haute couture, The Snap House will deliver your desired scenes and range of emotions that will raise eyebrows and likes! We strive to encourage each person that visits to use their imagination to take them to the place the set is designed to take them in hopes that it empowers people to see the brightness in the world around us through our lens!

Meet The Team

Jazmin Calzada

Jazmin Calzada is a Nursing Director who has worked in the medical field for 20+ years. As an alumnus of South University and current graduate student at Florida Atlantic University, Jazmin continuously strives for more. Although nursing serves as her career, Jazmin always had a passion for photography. As a mother of two and a wife, she looks to capture every moment and enjoys showing others the beauty that lies behind the lens. Jazmin has brought her care for people and her love for photos together to create a space for people of all ages to enjoy. As one of the owners of The Snaphouse she looks to inspire others and give them a space that allows them to have the creative freedom to create moments that will last a lifetime.

Benito Calzada

Benito Calzada is a Tampa Native that grew up in the West Tampa area but knows all the things that the city of Tampa was, can be, and continues to become. As an electrician by trade, father of two and husband Benito grew up building and creating. While seeing the growth in his beloved hometown increase, he quickly saw the vision of building a space where people of all ages can experience the joy created by the light from a camera flash freezing a moment in time. As one of the owners of The Snaphouse Benito brings his love for Tampa and his expertise in construction to life, in a space never seen in the Tampa Bay area before.

Davontay Moore

Davontay Moore is a graduate of the University of Florida where she studied Events in Sports Management. She was the intern for the Head of Football operations as well as an Ambassador for UF’s Football team. In that role, Davontay assisted in game day logistics and recruitment of incoming football college prospects and commits. After graduation, Davontay spent her time volunteering for non-profit groups in Kansas City, MO in support of several professional sports teams in the area. Davontay has brought her experience from the sports world back to The Snap House through her knowledge of marketing in social media. Her love for sharing her journey and lifestyle as well as spreading positivity on her platforms has allowed her to create a following that many can relate to. As a new mother, Davontay looks forward to sharing her journey from family to entrepreneurship through the lens of The Snap House.

Demarcus Robinson

Demarcus Robinson is a veteran Wide Receiver in the NFL. He was drafted out of the University of Florida in 2016 to the Kansas City Chiefs where he has played for 5 years. Demarcus is a Super Bowl LIV Champion who’s offensive contributions as a starter has been a great factor in his team’s success. Demarcus, is a Georgia native that loves to give back to the community as he has been a part of many charitable foundations throughout Kansas City and looks forward to bringing both his connection to the sports world and charities to this business. As an influential figure on social media, Demarcus is excited to bring his popular-by-demand content to The Snap House. In between being a new father and winning Super Bowls, you will be able to find Demarcus spending some off season time in the studio.

Maria Moore

Maria Moore is an experienced and seasoned Event Planner, bringing over 10 years of vision and creativity in event planning and design as one of the owners of The Snap House. Maria’s work has been featured in Celebrity birthdays, weddings, baby showers, and gender reveals in Tampa, FL, Pordenone Italy, and Kansas City, MO. Maria is a former military brat and spent most of her youth living and traveling in and around Southeast Asia. As an adult, Maria spent time traveling across Europe studying decor and design styles that she would use to infuse into her eclectic palette. Maria is a mother of two, a new grandmother and a loving wife of over 29 years and is ecstatic to share her cultural experience with the Tampa Bay community through The Snap House.

Rick Moore

Rick Moore is a 23 year Air Force veteran and Retired Lt Col specializing in technology, business, and strategic planning. After serving three different tours at MacDill AFB beginning in 1992, Rick proudly calls the Tampa Bay area home. Rick completed his undergraduate studies at the University of South Florida’s College of Engineering and followed on immediately to complete his graduate work in business technology at The George Washington University in Washington, DC. Although his studies have a tech focus, Rick is an artist at heart and has completed several ventures in photography, video content creation and audio production. Rick is a proud father, a new grandfather and a loving husband of over 29 years -- and brings his diverse mix of formal education and artistry to The Snap House as one of the owners.

Our Artists

Gillian Fazio

Gillian is a new age flora and fauna artist from Lakeland Florida. Growing up attending art schools, she discovered her interest in painting at a very young age. While attending the University of Florida, she honed her talent into the realistic and unique style of painting she works with today. Gillian received her Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts in the Spring of 2017. After graduating Magna Cum Laude, she returned to her home town and shifted her focus from canvas work to large scale public art. Known as @gfazioart on social media, Gillian has created over 20 murals across Central Florida and continues to expand her portfolio and horizons through her love of painting.


Damucca is a native of Tampa, Florida and has been producing artwork in the Bay area for over 20 years. As the owner-operator of Ink Fink Tattoos, Damucca has established quite a following of loyal customers through his unique style and designs.