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Snap Up Secrets for Picture-Perfect Selfies

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It happens to all of us… you think you look great when you glance in the mirror, so you grab your phone, strike a pose and start snapping away. Totally expecting a stream of must-see and must-share selfies, something somehow happens between the click and the pic and you’re left with unflattering photos you don’t want to see, let alone share! Before you lose your selfie self-confidence, stop snapping and start reading our seven pro photo tips that make taking Insta-worthy photos a snap!

The Right Light

You need good lighting for good-looking selfies. Not just any light, but natural light. See, natural light illuminates your face and gives you a “natural” glow. Your best bet is to go outside and snap away in sunlight. But certain times of day are better than others. According to photo pros, go for the “golden hour,” which is when the sun’s natural light is best for photos. This is usually right after sunrise and an hour before sunset. If you’re shooting selfies indoors, you want to be facing the light, whether that’s gazing out a window or looking at a lamp in your living room. But beware of strong side or direct overhead light, which will cast shadows over your face, along with your confidence.

Up Your Selfie Game

If you’re looking to take your best selfies, it’s best to look slightly up. Hold the camera up so the lower part of your phone is level with your eyes or forehead. Then lower your chin slightly. Keep your eyes open and raise your eyebrows a little to make your eyes look larger, your chin look chiseled and your face look slimmer.

Flash a Real Smile

When your smile is authentic, there’s a good chance you’ll never look bad. A grin that’s phony or forced will make you look like a fake or a flake. But a natural smile makes you naturally look better. Think of something or someone that brings you real joy to have a look of genuine happiness. Practice in front of the mirror to see the difference all over your face, not to mention your photos!

Work the Angles

Let’s get something straight… taking a selfie from straight ahead is probably not the best move and won’t give you the best selfies, no matter how good you look! Instead, angle your phone or your head slightly to the left or right to capture your best side. Not sure of your best side? Try snapping some selfies from different angles. Tilt your head or your phone to the right, to the left and every angle in between, then snap away. Compare them side-by-side and you’ll clearly see your best side!

A Better Background

Your selfie is only as good as your background. Your face may look flawless and your outfit may be hot, but a boring background will take your selfie from fab to drab. You want a background that’s fun, interesting and totally unexpected. One with bright colors, bold patterns and wild scenes. Don’t know where to go? Set your sights beyond your bedroom wall and other tired, typical backgrounds. To make every selfie Instagrammable and unforgettable, grab your phone and go to The Snap House in Tampa. This creative selfie studio and event hosting space features eye-popping themes and scenes that make the perfect backgrounds for snapping extraordinary selfies that express your personal style.

 Ready to strike a pose? Follow these simple secrets for snapping your best selfies to keep your followers fascinated.